Probiotic Gut Health And Immunity Support Dietary Supplement - 60 Capsules

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Balance One
12 Carefully Chosen Probiotic Strains. We Chose Our Probiotic Strains For Maximum Impact On Gut Health. The Strains In Our Formulation Are: Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Casei, Bifidobacterium Longum, Bifidobacterium Breve, Bifidobacterium Infantis, Lactobacillus Brevis, Lactobacillus Salivarius, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactococcus Lactis, Streptococcus Thermophilus.

15 Times More Effective. We Use Patented Bio-Tract Technology To Compress Our Probiotic Bacteria Into Time-Release Tablets. Tests Have Shown That Regular Probiotic Capsules Only Deliver 4% Of Their Bacteria Past Stomach Acid. Our Patented Time-Release Tablets Release Their Bacteria Over 8-10 Hours And Deliver At Least 60% Of Their Bacteria Past Stomach Acid. That Makes Them 15 Times More Effective.

15 Billion Cfus Per Tablet. Each Tablet Contains 15 Billion Colony Forming Units (Cfus) Of Bacteria. Thanks To Our Time-Release Technology, That?S Equivalent To 225 Billion Cfus In Regular Probiotic Capsules!

Take One Tablet Per Day. Our Tablets And Time-Release Delivery Mean That More Of The Bacteria Get To Your Gut. The Probiotic Bacteria Are Released Over 8-10 Hours, Ensuring That You Enjoy Their Benefits For Longer. You Can Take Them At Any Time Of Day.

Easy To Swallow Tablets. Our Tablets Are Just 0.75? Long And Easy To Swallow. Because They?Re Tablets, You Can Easily Break Them In Half Too (You Can'T Do That With A Capsule!)

Shelf Stable. Our Probiotic Tablets Protect The Bacteria From Light And Moisture. This Helps Them To Survive Longer. Our Probiotics Are Shelf Stable And Do Not Require Refrigeration. They Will Be Alive And Kicking Even At Expiration Date.

Free Of Common Allergens. Our Probiotics Are Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free, And Dairy-Free. They'Re Vegan, Kosher, Non-Gmo, And Contain No Preservatives Or Artificial Colors.

Patented Time-Release Tablets. Our Probiotics Use Bio-Tract Technology To Get Their Probiotic Bacteria Past Stomach Acid And To Your Gut. Tests Have Shown That These Time-Release Tablets Are 15 Times As Effective As Regular Probiotics In Vegetable Capsules.

12 Carefully Chosen Strains. We Chose Our Probiotic Strains To Promote Optimal Gut Health. Research Has Shown That 70% Of Your Immune Tissue Is In Your Gut. Maintaining A Healthy Microbiome Can Help To Protect You From Pathogens In Your Gut. Our Probiotic Strains Are Hardy, Long-Lasting, And Proven To Support Digestive Health.

60 Once-Daily Tablets - Take Them Any Time Of Day. Thanks To Our Patented Time-Release Technology, You Can Take Our Probiotics At Any Time Of Day, With Or Without Food. They Release Their Probiotic Bacteria Slowly Over 8-10 Hours. They?Re Shelf Stable Too, So You Can Take Them Traveling Or Or Vacation.

Balance One Probiotic
High Quality Probiotics, Made In The Usa
Made In The Usa. Balance One Probiotics Are Made In The Usa. We Use A Cgmp-Certified Facility That Meets Or Exceeds All The Latest Standards. Our Probiotic Bacteria Are All 100% Grown, Produced, And Packaged In The Usa.

Rigorous Quality Control. We Use Only Natural And High-Grade Raw Ingredients, Which We Routinely Test For Purity And Quality. Our Probiotics Are Checked Regularly Throughout The Production Process And Meet The Highest Standards. Manufacture All Our Supplements To Exceed Expectations Set By Cgmp (Current Good Manufacturing Practices).

Free Of Common Allergens. Our Probiotics Are Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Soy-Free, Wheat-Free, And Gluten-Free. They'Re Vegan, Kosher, Non-Gmo, And Contain No Preservatives Or Artificial Colors.

A Commitment To Quality. At Balance One, We Stand Behind Our Products 100%. We Follow The Highest Standards And Work Hard To Produce The Highest Quality Nutritional Supplements On The Market.

Bio-Tract Probiotic
Balance One Questions

Balance One Probiotics Do Not Need To Be Refrigerated. Thanks To Our Long-Lasting Probiotic Strains And The Patented Bio-Tract Delivery System, Your Probiotics Will Still Be Going Strong At Expiration Date. You Can Still Refrigerate Them If You Wish, Or You Can Just Keep Them In A Cool, Dry Part Of Your House.

Have You Ever Bought A Probiotic Supplement And Found That It Had No Effect? That?S Probably Because All Of The Probiotic Strains Were Destroyed By Your Stomach Acid. To Solve This Problem, We Compress Our Bacteria Into Special Time-Release Tablets. When These Come Into Contact With Moisture, They Form A Protective Gel Coating That Keeps The Bacteria Safe In Your Stomach. Research Has Shown That This Process Delivers 15 Times As Many Bacteria Through Stomach Acid And To The Intestines. Then, When The Tablet Passes Through To Your Intestines, The Bacteria Are Slowly Released Over 8-10 Hours.

Our Probiotics Are Completely Free Of Nuts, Wheat, Soy, Gluten, And Dairy. They Are Vegan, Vegetarian, Completely Non-Gmo, And Free From All Preservatives And Artificial Colors Or Flavors. Our Facilities Are Fully Cgmp-Compliant And Operate To The Highest Standards. We Use Rigorous Quality Control To Ensure That Our Supplements Match What It Says On The Label.

Our Probiotic Should Help To Relieve Your Gas And Bloating. However, Please Note That Taking A New Probiotic Can Cause A Temporary Increase In Symptoms Like Gas Or Bloating. It?S Actually A Sign That The Probiotic Bacteria Are Getting Safely To The Gut And Starting To Do Their Work! This Usually Passes Quite Quickly. If You Have A Very Sensitive Gut, You Might Want To Start With Half A Tablet To Give Your Digestive System More Time To Adjust.

+ Can I Use Your Probiotics While Traveling?

Traveler'S Diarrhea And Digestive Problems Can Be Incredibly Common While Traveling. Changes In Timezones, Exposure To New Bugs, And New Foods Can All Contribute. Balance One Probiotics Are Ideal To Take While Traveling Because They Are Shelf-Stable. And Thanks To Our Innovative Delivery System, They Can Be Taken At Any Time Of Day, Giving You One Less Thing To Worry About.

Occasionally, People Will Experience Temporary Digestive Side Effects When Taking A New Probiotic. As The 'Good Bacteria' Reach The Gut And The Gut Flora Start To Rebalance, This Can Cause Temporary Digestive Symptoms Like Gas And Bloating. It?S Actually A Sign That The Probiotic Bacteria Are Getting Safely To The Gut And Starting To Do Their Work! Research Shows That These Side Effects Will Generally Pass Within A Few Days.

One Of The Major Benefits Of Our Probiotic Is That You Can Break The Tablets In Half (Or Smaller). In Fact, That'S Usually Our First Suggestion To Anyone Who Is Suffering From Digestive Side Effects Or Who Has A Very Sensitive Gut. Taking A Half Or Quarter Dose Will Reduce The Stress On Your Existing Gut Flora And Allow Your Gut More Time To Adjust. Over Time, You Can Increase The Dose If And When You Feel Comfortable.

There Is A Small Amount Of Fos (A Prebiotic) In Our Probiotic. It?S There To Keep The Bacteria Alive On Their Passage To Your Gut. Taking A Large Amount Of Prebiotics Is Not Always A Great Idea, Especially If You Already Have An Imbalanced Gut. That'S Because Those Prebiotics Feed The Bad Guys As Well As The Good Guys! Many Doctors And Naturopaths Will Recommend Against Taking Large Amounts Of Prebiotics. If You?Re Eating A Fiber-Rich Diet With Plenty Of Veggies, You?Re Already Getting More Than Enough Prebiotics.

Antibiotics Can Cause Severe Disruption To Your Gut Flora, Which Means That This Is One Of The Times When It?S Very Important To Take A Good Probiotic. Probiotics Have Been Consistently Shown To Reduce The Side Effects Of Antibiotics. They Can Prevent Much Of The Damage To Your Gut Flora And Reduce The Long-Term Impact On Your Gut Health, Digestion, And Immunity. Remember To Take Your Probiotic At Least An Hour Apart From The Antibiotic. That Will Prevent The Good Bacteria From Being Affected By The Antibiotic.

The Tablets Are 0.312 Inches Wide And 0.75 Inches Long. Most People Find Them Easy To Swallow. Additionally, One Of The Benefits Of Using Probiotic Tablets Instead Of Capsules Is That The Tablets Can Be Broken In Half (Or Even Smaller). This Means That, Even If You Have Trouble Swallowing Regular Probiotics, You Should Have No Problem At All With Ours.

Yes, We Do Have A Probiotic For Kids! It Comes In Small, Easy-To-Swallow Pearls That Are Lightly Sweetened With Stevia. Each Pearl Contains 3 Billion Cfus Of Bacteria, Is Shelf-Stable, And Uses The Bio-Tract Delivery System To Get 15 Time More Bacteria To Your Child'S Gut (Just Like Our Adult Probiotic). If You Search On Amazon For 'Balance One Probiotic For Kids' You Should Be Able To Find It!

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