Premium Quality Beard Oil 30ml

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Beardoholic Logo: For The Love Of Beard
Beardoholic Premium Quality Beard Oil And Leave-In Conditioner, Softener
Beardoholic Premium Quality Beard Oil And Leave-In Conditioner, Softener
Have You Been Growing Your Beard For A While, But Started Noticing Split Ends, Dandruff And Itch That?S Driving You Insane? Or Perhaps Your Beard Is Growing Too Slow And It?S Not Dense Enough? Now You Can Eliminate Beardruff, Itchiness And Split Ends Almost Instantly While Making Your Beard Grow Faster And Denser With Only A Few Drops Of Beardoholic Beard Growth Oil Each Day.

With The Combination Of 7 Powerful And Totally Natural Ingredients, Our Beard Oil Conditions, Moisturizes And Strengthens Your Facial Hair Promoting Healthier, Faster And Thicker Growth. Almond Oil Softens Your Beard And Makes It More Kissable While Getting Rid Of Split Ends And Tangles. Argan Oil Hydrates The Skin Underneath, Reducing Discomfort And Itch. Castor And Jojoba Oil Work Together In Eliminating Dandruff And Flakes. Grape Seed And Wheat Germ Oil Act As Antioxidants, Protecting Your Beard From Damage From The Dangerous Rays Of The Sun. Designed For All Beard Types, Beard Grow Oil Enhances The Texture Of Your Beard, Making It Cleaner And Softer Than Any Other Oil.


100% Natural & Organic Ingredients
Eliminates Itch, Dandruff, Split Ends
Extra Absorbent & Non-Greasy
Dark Amber Glass For Longer Shelf Life & Pleasant, Subtle Pine Scent

Short Beard: 2 - 3 Drops In The Morning And Before Going To Bed.
Medium Beard: 3 - 4 Drops In The Morning And Before Going To Bed.
Long Beard: 4 - 5 Drops In The Morning And Before Going To Bed.
Prevents Beard Itching And Dandruff
Beard Oils Contain Essential Oils And Carrier Oils That Help Soften The Skin And The Beard.

As Such, It Works Well To Moisturize The Beard And The Skin Underneath While Decreasing Inflammation That Can Cause Beard Dandruff.Refreshing Smell The Essence Of These Oils Is Refreshing, But Not Overwhelming So You Can Combine Them With Your Favorite Cologne Or Face Wash Without Mixing The Fragrances.The Scent Dissipates After Only A Few Minutes Leaving You With A Subtle, But Delightful Feeling All Day.

100% Pure Natural Ingredients
Almond Oil Helps To Straighten And Soften Your Facial Hair Without Leaving Behind Split Ends Or Tangles Behind.
Argan Oil Is High In Vitamin E And Softens While It Hydrates Your Skin.
Castor Oil Quickly Penetrates The Skin Under Your Beard And Helps To Alleviate Dry, Coarse, And Wild Beard Hairs. The Castor Oil Has Properties That Will Eliminate Dandruff And Control Itching.
Jojoba Oil Moisturizes The Skin Which Stops Itching And Begins To Reduce The Appearance Of Those Unsightly Dandruff Flakes.
Grape Seed Oil Contains Potent Antioxidants That Lessen The Damage From Free Roaming Radicals On The Skin While Also Helping To Diminish Any Damage From The Dangerous Rays Of The Sun.
Wheat Germ Oil Is Rich In Vitamins A, B, D, And E, And Has High Levels Of Antioxidants. This Oil Is Essential In Keeping Beard Hair Moisturized.
Essential Oil Softens That Brittle Hair And Acts Like A Conditioner For Your Beard While Helping To Maintain Ideal Conditions Of The Skin Below.

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