Premium Enzymax Complex Dietary Supplement - 120 Maxi Capsules

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Premium Enzymax from Maxi Health has what you are looking for.

Enzymes are responsible for the metabolic functions and are vital for life.Amylase (helps digest starchy foods) will hydrolyze starch to release simple sugars for digestion.Invertase (helps digest refined sugars) catalyzes the hydrolysis of sucrose into its component parts.Protease 4.5 (helps protein digestion) is a mixture that demonstrates both exo-peptidase and endo-peptidase activity with high substrate specificity.Glucoamylase (helps digestion of carbohydrates) will hydrolyze amylase, isomaltose and dextrins.Protease 3.0 (helps protein digestion) is characterized by its ability to hydrolyze proteins under acid conditions.Lipase (helps digest fats and oils) catalyzes the hydrolysis of triglycerides of simple fatty acid esters.D Alpha-galactosidase (helps decrease gas) is able to hydrolyze the alpha-1-6 linkages in melibiose, raffinose, and stachyose.Neutral Bacterial Protease (provides protein digestion) is an endopetidase that hydrolyzes the interior bonds of most soluble proteins.Lactase (helps digest the sugars found in milk and dairy products) is able to hydrolyze lactose over a wide range of temperatures and pH.Cellulase and pectinase is a complex composed of three distinct enzymes which convert cellulose to glucose.Peptidase (provides protein digestion) is able to provide a high degree of protein hydrolysis.Protease 6.0 (provides protein digestion) demonstrates both exo-peptidase and endo-peptidase activity.Xylanase (reduces the bulking effect of fibrous foods) hydrolyzes xylans, indigestible components of plant fibers.CereCalase is designed to synergistically disrupt the fibrous nature of plant cell walls and release trapped nutrients from plant materials.Premium Enzymax Complex is formulated to provide the highest quality enzyme formula!

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Take one (1) to two (2) Maxi-caps daily with meals, or as directed.

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