Pack Of 3 Hair Growth Essence Oil 20ml

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Product Description
Andrea Hair Growth Essence
The Result May Vary. The Information On This Website Is Provided For General Informational Purposes. There Are No Implied Medical Claims In This Content, And The Information Contained Herein Is Not Intended To Be Used For Self-Diagnosis Or Self-Treatment Of Any Condition. Ingredients: Ginger, Ginseng, Mad Festival, Wool Root, Grape Seed And Other Herbal Extracts. Benefits: The Product Makes Hair Grow 2-3 Times Faster Than Normal Growth Speed, Makes Hair Smooth And Healthy. How To Use: * Mix 4-6 Drops With Shampoo, Then Massage Into The Scalp For 3 Minutes To Make The Essence Absorb Well Into The Scalp. * For Easier Use, Add 0.1-0.2 Fl Oz Hair Growth Essence In 3.4 Fl Oz Shampoo (Natural / Organic) And Mix Evenly. * Use It As You Normally Wash Your Hair And Use Your Hand To Rub Your Hair And Massage The Scalp With Your Fingertips For 2-3 Minutes. * Then Rinse With Lukewarm Water. It Can Be Used For Daily Hair Washing.

The Product Makes Hair Grow 2-3 Times Faster Than Normal Growth Speed
Makes Hair Soft And Healthy.
Effective, Sustainable And Long-Lasting
Addresses The Root Cause Of The Hair Loss Problem.

Frequently Asked Questions How Do I Use This Product? It Is Best To Follow The Manufacturer'S Instructions And Add It To Your Shampoo. This Will Definitely Help You Achieve The Benefits That You Can Really Hope For. What Are The Precautions When Using This Supplement? There Are No Precautions To Consider. Just Make Sure To Use It Within The Given Amount And Range. Keep Out Of The Reach Of Children. How Long Before You See Any Improvement? The Benefits Are Supposed To Come Within A Few Weeks Of Regular Use.

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