Optimal Molybdenum Drops 30ml

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Product Description
Optimal Molybdenum Drops By Seeking Health Provides A Lower Dose Of 25 Mcg Of Molybdenum (Compared To Our Popular Encapsulated Molybdenum Products) In Each Drop. The Concentrated Liquid Format Makes Optimal Molybdenum Drops A More Costeffective Way To Include This Important Mineral In Your Daily Routine.

Molybdenum Is Found In The Bones, Liver, And Kidneys.

Molybdenum Supplements Support A Number Of Important Processes In The Body, Including Healthy Waste Processing In The Kidneys, Normal Development Of The Nervous System In Developing Babies, And Activating Enzymes That Are Involved In The Breakdown Of Food To Produce Energy.*

Our Molybdenum Supplements Promote Normal Iron Levels And Utilization In The Body By Supporting The Enzymatic Process That Mobilizes Iron From The Liver Reserves.*

Each Serving Provides 25 Mcg Of Molybdenum.
Supports Sulfur Metabolism Which Can Support A Healthy Intestinal Environment.*
Mineral Supplement May Support Healthy Waste Processing And Enzymatic Reactions To Help Breakdown Of Food.*
Supports Normal Function Of The Nervous System In Adults.*
Free Of Common Allergies. Does Not Contain Dairy, Egg, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat Or Soy.

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