Nerve Health Nutritional Support Supplement - 60 Capsules

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Heals & Repairs Nerve Damage Overthecounter And Prescription Drugs Often Just Mask Nerve Pain And Discomfort. Our Supplements Diminish The Pain And Provide Nutritional Support For Healing.

Prevents Symptoms Peripheral Neuropathy May Cause Tingling, Numbness, Burning, And Muscle Weakness In The Extremities. The Support That These Supplements Provide Minimizes Their Occurrences.

Potent & Unique Formula Nutragesic Is A Combination Of High Doses Of Vitamin B6, B12, Ala, Benfotiamine, And Folate. Each Vitamin And Element Has Been Studied And Tested For Safety And Potency.

Reliable & Effective Formula Our Nerve Pain Relief Supplements Were Conceived By A Pain Medicine Physician, And Formulated And Developed By A Team Of Pharmaceutical And Nutritional Experts.

Just 2 Capsules Per Day The Nerve Support Vitamins And Compounds In These Supplements Are So Potent. A Capsule Or Two Per Day Is Enough To Relieve Symptoms And Begin The Process Of Healing.

Peripheral Neuropathy Affects An Estimated 20 Million People In The United States.

Nerve Damage Causes Symptoms That We Can Mistake For Something Else. The Most Common Are Numbness In The Toes, A Tingling Or Burning Sensation In One Area Of ??The Body, And Muscle Weakness. The Worst Cases Can Include Paralysis And Organ Or Gland Dysfunction. People With Neuropathy Often Have Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes. About 30% Of Hospitalized Diabetic Patients And 20% Of Patients Living In The Community Experience Nerve Pain Caused By Peripheral Neuropathy.

Nerve Health Nutragesic Supporting Supplements Can Help Relieve Pain And Promote Healing In People With Peripheral Neuropathy.

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