NADH + CoQ10 Fatigue Support Dietary Supplement - 60 Capsules

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NADH + CoQ10 is an all-natural nutritional supplement that promotes over-all health and wellness by creating cellular ENERGY without the use of harmful stimulants.
NADH + CoQ10 promotes mental focus, alertness and even helps with sleepiness, tiredness or fatigue. NADH + CoQ10 also improves exercise stamina & endurance with faster recovery times. It helps to replenish NAD+, a part of our body's repair system that is a key feature of its ANTI-AGING benefits. It stimulates the immune system and acts as a powerful ANTIOXIDANT combination that suppresses free radical formation, particularly lipid peroxidation.
NADH + CoQ10 are natural coenzymes that work in synergy to create ATP, the chemical energy of every living cell. This little-known gem is an excellent metabolic booster with a myriad of health promoting benefits that work at the cellular level!

Our bodies produce energy from the food we eat in a process known as cellular respiration. The energy produced is called ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), and the byproducts are water and carbon dioxide. NADH + CoQ10 are required coenzymes of cellular respiration, without which, energy production or life could not exist. As we grow old, both NADH and CoQ10 slowly diminishes, and so does our stamina, energy levels and vitality. Whether you are old, young or a seasoned athlete, supplemental NADH + CoQ10 can help improve energy levels, and boost stamina & endurance.
During the first part of cellular respiration called glycolysis, two molecules of NAD+ are borrowed to store the energy extracted from each molecule glucose (sugar) and stored as NADH. This makes NADH a form of stored-energy that is charged with two high-energy electrons. Later in the process near the final stages of cellular respiration, known as the electron transport chain, NADH will pass those energy rich electrons to CoQ10. Finally, ATP is produced which is the energy currency of every living cell.
When we supplement NADH + CoQ10 the stored energy is released, and we may feel energized and mentally focused. However, after releasing its energy electrons and hydrogen (H), each molecule of NADH is transformed or oxidized into a molecule of NAD+. This makes supplemental NADH essentially an NAD+ donor, for real anti-aging benefits. The newly acquired NAD+ can now be used by SIRTUINS "the longevity genes", to do vital work like repairing broken DNA strands, and regulate gene expression for healthy aging. Adequate CoQ10 is required for efficiency, and is needed to receive the electrons donated by NADH. This helps to limit the formation of excessive super-oxide radicals and subsequent peroxides that can damage DNA and slowdown ATP energy output.
Supplementing NADH + CoQ10 delivers a natural source of energy without the use of harmful stimulants. Over time, the pool of NADH + CoQ10 levels improve and so will basal energy levels. No Gimmicks Just Science.
FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease).

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