Magnesium Oxide Dietary Supplements - 100 Capsules

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A Cofactor In More Essential Internal Body Functions.

Current Magnesium By Weight Of High More Year

More More Study, Bones And Third. *

A Great Ecofriendly Magnesium Probe.

Available Pure Magnesium Oxide.

We Created Compact By Design To Identify Products That, While They May Not Look Very Different, Are More Efficiently Designed. By Eliminating Excess Air And Water, Products Require Less Packaging And Shipping Becomes More Efficient. At Scale, These Small Differences In Product Size And Weight Lead To Significant Reductions In Carbon Emissions.

Pure Organic Ingredients Magnesium Oxide Capsules Contain 760Mg (2 Capsules) Per Serving And Provides 425Mg Of Magnesium, Containing More Than 100% Of Your Total Daily Value.

Our Magnesium Oxide Potency Is

A Cofactor In Many Essential Functions Of The Internal Body.
Highest Amount Of Actual Magnesium By Weight.
Great Source Of Elemental Magnesium
Magnesium Oxide Purest Available.

Does Not Contain Soy, Dairy, Gluten, Additives, Fillers, Artificial Colors Or Sweeteners.

Health Benefits And Uses
Supports Digestive Health And Can Help With Indigestion And Heartburn Relief. *
Supports Heart Health, Bone Health, Nerve Function, And Energy Production. *
It Can Act As A Shortterm Laxative For Temporary Relief. *
It Can Aid In Energy Production And Food Conversion. *
It Can Strengthen Muscles, Bones, And Teeth. *
It Can Help Regulate Calcium Levels. *

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