L-Methylfolate Professional Strength Dietary Supplement 7.5 Mg - 90 Capsules

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Product Description
99.9% Pure Biologically Active Methylfolate - Our Powerful Formula Contains The Ingredients Necessary For Your Body To Properly Utilize Folic Acid, Also Known As Vitamin B9.Pure Maximum Strength - Many Supplements Contain Fillers And Other Inactive Ingredients You Just Don'T Need In Your Supplement. Our Daily Vite'S Products Contain Only The Purest Ingredients, Maximizing Effectiveness And Well-Being.Assist In Repair And Dna Synthesis Of Folate- Inadequate Levels Of These Ingredients Have Been Linked To Diseases, Our Methylfolate May Help To Prevent The Chance Of Folic Acid-Related Diseases.Third Party Tested For Purity - All Of Our Supplements Undergo Out Of House Independent Testing To Guarantee The Highest Level Of Purity. Compact Capsule And Easy On-The-Go Packaging - Since Our Daily Vites' Methylfolates Contain No Fillers, Our 4V Capsule Size Makes It The Smallest Available Methylfolate Capsule On The Market And Easy To Swallow And Easy To Take On-The-Go

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