K2 MK-7 Max Bone Supplement 300mcg - 60 Capsules

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EFFECTIVE DOSE: Know that you are protecting your bones and your heart with our extra-strength dose of 300mcg of Vit K2 MK7. Our physician team believes this double dose of K2 provides additional bone and health benefits.
CARDIOVASCULAR PROTECTION: Vitamin K2 is one of the best vitamins for cardiovascular protection. It helps to keep calcium out of the bloodstream and from building up in the arteries.
TESTED FOR PURITY: We use only two ingredients, Vitamin K2 and Cellulose. We also have tested our supplement to ensure purity and strength. By testing we can make sure each capsule has the appropriate amount of active ingredient and that they are at least 99.9% pure.
MADE BY PHYSICIANS: This product was custom developed by our team of Integrative Medicine physicians for our patients. We have found that certain patients required a higher dose than regular Vitamin K2 could provide
STAY AWAY FROM SOY: Soy has potential negative effects on the thyroid gland and other hormones. Most Vit K2 products use fermented soy (natto) to make their Vit K2. Instead, we decided to use Lemon Grass to make the raw material.

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