Hair Building Fibers Dark Brown 9G

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Hair Building Fibers In Dark Brown Color - Adds Volume To Thin Hair. Turns Fine Hair Fuller And Healthy-Looking. Fills In A Bald Spot, Part Lines And Thinning Hair Areas. Suitable For Men And Women. Hypoallergenic - Maximum Protection Against Allergic Reactions. If Hair Loss Is Causing An Increase In Bald Spots And Hair Thinning Then Try Caboki Dark Brown Hair Building Fibers. They Are Made With Keratin Protein That Sticks To Natural Hair And Gives Them A Fuller Look. The Micro Fibers Help Build Up Your Hair Into A Healthy And Natural Looking Volume. This Is An Ideal Solution For Improving Hair Thinning Or Hair Loss Condition. These Fibers Remain Undamaged As They Resist Water, Humidity And Wind. They Blend In Well Ensuring A Natural Effect And Remain Unnoticeable.

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