GymForm 6 Pack electronic impulse sliming Belt

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The low frequency is a special electricity with regular rhythm or stop. According to suitable power and speed on body by low frequency, which make a rhythm and sort impetus on body. The softness of low frequency are as same as massage effect like pressure, pinch and per-cuss by human hand.Choice 6 modes with simple operation.It will fet off power automatically after 12 minutes from stop, when you forget power off.Process for Operation:Take out the equipment from the case.Place the gel pads at desired areas of the body.Please push switch for power on.Choice mode.Adjustment for output level.Working time is 12 minutes per one.To push switch for "OFF/DEC" button until let lamp off. when it doesn't act during in working time. How to use an effective:1.The low frequency is suitable to 12 minutes one time and 2-3 times a day, if used it a long time or feel harder with impetus, then you will feel tired at moment.2.It's able to avoid 30 minutes after dinner, and favor to do after shower or warm washing.Taking care after using:1.Please true off power after using.2.Please separate adhesive gel pads from machine.3.Please attach adhesive gel pad to pad holder.(To prevent adhesive pad for drying, which mush paste it pad holder)4.The dirty point and etc on case should be cleaned by wet cloth by neutral cleaning material and wiped it by drying cloth again.5.Don't keep in sunshine, hot temperature and humidity, wet and dust place, closer fire, or shocking place etc.6.To keep it by children who can not touch.7.Don't touch drying battery terminal with wet hand

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