Grassfed Intestines Dietary Supplement - 180 Capsules

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Product Description
Traditional Peoples, Native Americans, And Early Ancestral Healers Knew That Eating The Organs Of A Healthy Animal Would Strengthen And Support The Health Of The Individual'S Corresponding Organ. For Example, The Traditional Way Of Treating A Person With A Weak Heart Was To Feed The Person The Heart Of A Healthy Animal. Similarly, Eating The Kidneys Of A Healthy Animal Was Believed To Support Urinary Ailments And General Kidney Health .. The Pancreas Was Fed To People With Pancreatic And Digestive Problems .. Intestines, Stomach (Tripe) And Other Parts Jellies Provided Concentrated Amounts Of Connective Tissue, Gelatin / Collagen, Probiotics, And Other Gut-Specific Proteins That Are Now Absent From Modern Diets.

Grass-Fed Intestines Contain ..

Healthy Gut Building Blocks .. Specific Gut Proteins, Peptides, Enzymes And Coactors
Molecular Biodirectors - Dna Blueprints To Build And Repair Healthy Gut Tissues.
Collagen / Gelatin, Glutamine, Animal Derived Probiotics.
B12, Choline, Selenium, Zinc, Manganese And Phosphorus.
Grass-Fed Bowel Stands (With Tripe).

Optimal Gut Health Based On "Like Supports".
Leaky Gut, Digestive Problems, Gut-Related Conditions.
Vitality, Energy And Thyroid Health (High In B12 And Selenium).
Note: Many First Nations Butcher The Moose At The Slaughter Site And Return To Camp With Tokens For The Tribe .. The Tokens Returned To Camp, They Come From The Abdominal Cavity, The Heart And The Lower Intestine, And Two Types Of Fat, Called Wiis, Which Is Called Native Wisdom.

Safety Information
Most Customers Tolerate Our Supplements Without Incident; However, Approximately 5-10% Of Clients (Usually With An Autoimmune Condition) May Experience A Detox Reaction. Detoxifying Reactions Go By Many Different Names, Including Healing Reactions, Healing Crises, Cleansing Reactions (Or) Herxheimer Reactions With Distinctive Symptoms Of Nausea, Headache, Hives, Lethargy, Dizziness, And Other Flu-Like Symptoms. In This Case, The Detoxifying Reactions Are Generally An Indication That The Detoxification Pathways In The Body Are Back Online .. Cells Suddenly Have The Opportunity To Release An Even Greater Than Normal Amount Of Stored Toxins, Metabolic Waste , Pathogens And Unwanted Material. Reducing The Dose To Just 1/2 (Half) To 1 Capsule Per Day Works For Most. As Always, We Encourage All Clients To Continue To Work With Their Functional Healthcare Professional To Address Side Effects / Tolerability Issues. Feel Free To Contact Us As Well For Specific Dosing Strategies.

To Support Gut And Digestive Health. Also Rich In B12 And Selenium.

Grass Fed Intestines (Bovine) 1500 Mg With Grass Fed Stomach / Tripe (Cattle) 1500 Mg

It Starts With Just 1 Capsule A Day For The First Week .. 2 Capsules A Day For The Second Week .. 3 Capsules A Day For The Third Week And So On Until Reaching 6 Capsules A Day For The 6Th Week (Or) Depending On Directions From A Healthcare Provider.

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