GLR-6 Gut Lining Repair Dietary Supplement - 120 Caplets

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From "tip to tail" your gastrointestinal tract is lined with a mucosal membrane that coats and protects it. The cells of the intestinal lining are some of the fastest to "self-repair" in our bodies. However, the chronic inflammation and subsequent ulceration associated with digestive disorders prevents the lining from fully repairing. Give yourself and your gut lining a hand with some of Nature's best demulcent and protective ingredients.

L-Glutamine: An amino-acid that is the main fuel source for the rebuilding and repair of intestinal cells

N-A-G: A precursor to a critical component of the mucosal layer called glycosaminoglycan

Slippery Elm: Soothes and reduces irritation in the lining of the stomach and intestines

Marshmallow Root: Forms a soothing film over the mucous membrane

DGL Licorice Root: Speeds the repair of the stomach lining, and aids in digestion.

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