Dead Sea Magnesium Oil 60ml

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Traveler Size 2oz. Tsa compliant!! The best way to get Magnesium ? you get 100% absorbable elemental Magnesium delivered directly to cellular level through your skin. 100% natural, sourced direct

Magnesium oil works ? it?s considered to be one of the best natural remedies for restless legs, sore muscles, stress relief, anxiety relief, leg cramps, headaches, migraines & Various bodily ache

375 sprays per bottle ? perfect for a week long trip, for restless leg syndrome, muscle pain, anxiety, stress, migraine, headache, period pain, constipation Magnesium oil works

Ultra Pure, odourless, Clear ? Our Magnesium oil is 100% pure & tested ? made using 6 stages of purification and reverse osmosis technology. High quality ? Our laboratory Testing facility is gover

Uniquely sourced from the dead sea, this is a fantastic alternative to Magnesium Chloride flakes. Apply with coconut Oil for maximum comfort. It works or your money back ? Magnesium oil works wit

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