Concentrated HMR Lignans - 90 Capsules

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Lignans For Life Brand Hmr Lignans Powerful Antioxidants Natural Immune System Booster.

Specially Formulated For Medium Sized Dogs Bottle Contains 90 Capsules With 20Mg Hmr Lignans. Perfect For Mediumsized Dog Breeds! Give One 20Mg Capsule Of Hmr Lignans Orally Per Every 20Lbs Of Body Weight Daily Up To 4 Capsules. Can Be Administered Whole, Or Capsule Can Be Opened And Mixed In With Dogs Food.
Derived From Norway Spruce Trees Hmr Lignan Is Extracted From The Knots Of The Norwegian Spruce Tree Yielding High Amounts Of Hydroxymatairesinol (Hmr) Lignans. Hmr Lignans Are Phytonutrients With Antioxidant, Antiinflammatory, And Other Properties That May Benefit Your Dog?S Health.
Natural Immune System Booster Hmr Lignans For Dogs Added To Your Pets? Diet May Help Boost Their Immune System. Many Vets And Universities Recommend Lignans For Dogs As A Natural Immune System Booster As Lignans Have Powerful Antioxidant Effects That Counter Oxidative (Free Radical) Damage.
Hmr Lignans Holistic Health Benefits Lignans For Dogs Support Overall Health With Natural Phytonutrients, Including Support For Cardiovascular Function, Normal Digestion, And Sleep Patterns. Hmr Lignans May Support Skin And Coat Health, Reproductive Organ Health And Promote Healthy Cortisol Levels. Excellent Option For Dogs With Low Tolerance To Fiber.

Hmr Lignans

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