Complete Digestive Dietary Supplement- 60 Vegetable Capsules

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Developed To Provide Optimal Nutritional Support
Assures To Provide Optimal Health And Energy
Ensures To Be Scientifically Provided And Enzymeactivated Formula

What Are Digestive Enzymes?
Digestive Enzymes Help Break Down Food, Allowing Our Body To Absorb Essential Nutrients. The Mouth, Stomach, And Small Intestine Produce Some Digestive Enzymes. However, Most Of It Comes From Your Pancreas, Which, After Eating, Floods Your Small Intestine With Enzymes Such As

Lipase, Which Breaks Down Fatsamylase, Which Breaks Down Carbohydrates Proteases And Peptidases, Which Break Down Proteins

Once The Nutrients Are Broken Down Into Small Enough Molecules, They Are Absorbed Through The Wall Of The Small Intestine Into The Blood And Then Delivered Throughout The Body. However, As We Age, Our Bodys Production Of These Essential Digestive Enzymes Slows Down Which Can Reduce The Efficiency Of Normal Body Functions And Lead To A Decrease In Energy Levels.

The Specific Blend Of Digestive Enzymes In Vitalzym Digest Is The Result Of Years Of Research And Studies On The Effects That Enzymes Have On The Natural Functions Of The Body. Vitalzym Digest Is Designed As A Natural, Plantbased Alternative To Harsh Prescription Drugs, And Acts As A Catalyst To Increase The Breakdown Of These Complex Proteins, Fats, And Carbohydrates.

Powerful, Safe, Effective
Vitalzym Digest Is A Blend Of Powerful Enzymes That Have Been Specifically Formulated To Assist Your Bodys Normal Metabolic Processes In Improving Digestive Function And Nutrient Absorption.

This Can Lead To An Increase In Energy Levels As Your Body Is Able To More Easily Use The Food You Eat As A Healthy And Consistent Source Of Energy.

Vitalzym Digest Is Designed As A Natural, Plantbased Alternative To Harsh Prescription Drugs And Lowquality Animalbased Enzymes That Rely On Killing Animals.

Improve Essential Digestive Functions
Vitalzym Digest Supports The Improvement Of Digestive Processes And The Absorption Of Nutrients As A Healthy Energy Source.

Under Normal Circumstances, The Body Naturally Produces Enough Enzymes To Maintain Optimal Health. However, Age As Well As Some Conditions Can Interfere With The Bodys Production Of These Vital Enzymes.

Vitalzym Digest Is Designed To Support The Body In Optimizing And Improving The Performance Of These Main Functions.

All Natural Vegetarian Ingredients Offer Unmatched Results
Digestive Enzymes Come From Two Sources Prescription Enzyme Medications And Overthecounter Supplements, And Are Typically Made From The Pancreas Of Pigs, Cows, Or Lambs.

Vitalzym Digest Contains No Animal Derivatives, Artificial Flavors Or Colors, Yeast, Gluten, Talc Or Lactose And Is Made From 100% Plantbased Ingredients, Which Are Up To 18 Times Stronger Than Animalbased Enzyme Products.

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