Colostrum-LD 480 mg - 240 Capsules

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If You Havent Tried Colostrum-LD, You Havent Tried ColostrumSovereignLaboratories Colostrum-LD is the worlds highest quality bovine colostrum,clinically proven up to four times more effective than other brands.The LDDifference:Colostrum-LD remains biologically active at the cellular level withmaximal biological effectiveness. Certified High Purity, High QualityColostrum for Maximal Effectiveness Colostrum-LD is the only colostrumcertified to contain a minimum of 25-30% Immunoglobulins, 1.5% Lactoferrin,1.5% Growth Factors and 4.5-5% Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRPs).What isSovereign Laboratories Liposomal Technology? Sovereign Laboratoriesproprietary Liposomal Delivery (LD) is a delivery system that allows colostrumto readily dissolve in liquids while also ensuring the colostrum will bypassthe stomach acids, enabling it to reach the bowel wall intact. LiposomalDelivery makes colostrum up to 1,500% more bioavailable than other colostrumproducts.Doctor Recommended Most physicians agree that Leaky Gut Syndrome isa primary cause of chronic disease and Colostrum-LD may help to heal andprevent Leaky Gut Syndrome more effectively than other colostrum brands thanksto Sovereign Laboratories LD (Liposomal Delivery) technology.Buy WithConfidence - Satisfaction GuaranteeAll Sovereign Laboratories products arebacked by a 1-year, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for anyreason, contact us at any time within 1 year from the date of purchase for afull refund.
HIGH QUALITY COLOSTRUM - Made from grass fed, Grade A, dairy cows that are certified healthy, BST, BSE and antibiotic-free. Certified cGMP, Kosher, and Halal.
MAXIMUM STRENGTH - Clinically proven to be up to 400% more effective than other bovine colostrum brands.
HEAL AND PREVENT LEAKY GUT SYNDROME - May help heal and prevent gut permeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome) caused by environmental factors such as toxins, pathogens (bacteria), acidic drinks, and pharmaceuticals.
MODULATE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - May help repair, optimize and activate immune system function primarily by restoring and rejuvenating the GI tract.
1-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - All Sovereign Laboratories products are backed by a 1-year, 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

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