Collagen Dietary Supplement For Bone And Beauty Recovery 454g

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Collagen (Aka Collagen Peptides, Or Collagen Hydrolysate, Among Other Names) Is An All Natural Purified Animal Protein That Is Broken Down Into Amino Acids. These Amino Acids Are The Building Blocks Of Protein. Collagen Is A Key Building Block For The Human Body. From Vital Organs, Joints, Ligaments And Tendons, To Hair, Skin And Nails: Collagen Is An Integral, Key Component.

Type I Collagen Is The Primary Collagen Found Throughout The Body In Most Of Our Tissues Including Skin, Tendons, Bones, Artery Walls, Intestines And More. Collagen Is Even A Critical Component To Bones, Cartilage, Ligaments And Skeletal Muscles.
Of All The Amino Acids, Nine Are Considered To Be Essential To The Body. This Means That Without Introducing Them To Your Body In Some Way, You Will Die. While A Balanced Diet - Including Proper Amounts Of Protein Rich Foods - Can Supply Enough Amino Acids To Keep You Alive, Supplementing Your Daily Protein Intake With Champion'S Collagen Will Help Ensure You Enjoy The Many Benefits Of A Diet Rich In Collagen Peptides (Amino Acids).

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