Citrus Bergamot 500 mg Dietary Supplement 60 Capsules

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Patented And Clinically Proven Formula Our Bergamot Extract Is Clinically Proven To Help Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels, Healthy Blood Glucose, Increase Hdl Cholesterol, And Promote Healthy Weight Control

Vegan, Glutenfree And Gmofree Double Woods Citrus Bergamot Formula Is Manufactured To Be The Purest And Most Natural Extract Available

Manufactured And Tested In The Usa For Purity Double Wood Bergamot Supplement Is Made In New York. Tests Are Available Upon Request

Powerful Antioxidant High In Betacarotene Citrus Bergamot Extract Has Been Shown To Act As A Powerful Antioxidant Through Betacarotenelinoleic Acid

Natural Fruit Extract For High Cholesterol Double Wood Bergamot Fruit Extract Is Sourced From Italian Farms, Manufactured And Tested In The Usa, Patented Under The Trade Name Bergamonte, And Clinically Studied To Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Double Wood Supement Citrus Bergamot Is Specifically Designed To Lower Cholesterol And Support Healthy Glucose Metabolism. We Use Bergamontes Proprietary Formula That Has Been Clinically Proven To Help Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels, Healthy Glucose Levels, And Promote Healthy Weight Management. Our Citrus Bergamot Extract Is Standardized To> 38% Polyphenolic Flavonoids Consisting Of Naringin, Neohesperidin, Neoeriocitrin, 1% Melitidine, And 2% Brutieridine. Our Citrus Bergamot Extract Capsules Are Vegan, Glutenfree, And Gmofree. There Are 60 Capsules And 500 Mg Per Capsule. (1,000 Mg Per Serving). Ingredients Are Sourced Directly From Hp Ingredients And The Product Is Manufactured And Tested Right Here In The United States.

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