Cinnamon 350 Dietary Supplement - 120 Capsules

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Cinnamon 350 Offers A Unique Concentrated Blend Of Standardized Cinnamon Bark Extracts That Deliver The Powerful Protective Compounds Naturally Present In This Popular And Respected Spice. For Centuries, Cinnamon Has Been Sought After, Not Only For Its Distinctive Flavor, But Also For Its Health-Promoting Properties. In Fact, Cinnamon Is Still One Of The Oldest Herbal Remedies Used In Traditional Chinese Medicine. Recently, Cinnamon Has Gained Popularity For Its Ability To Help Support A Healthy Balance Of Blood Sugar And Glucose Metabolism. Research Attributes These Benefits To The Powerful Activity Of Type A Polyphenols Present In Cinnamon Bark Extract. Our Cinnamon 350 Offers A Complete Standardized Type A Polymer Blend Of Three Unique Cinnamon Extracts. As With All Herbal Supplements, There Is More To Making A Quality Cinnamon Product Than Putting Some Ordinary Cinnamon Powder In A Pill. To Receive The Benefits Of Cinnamon, One Should Always Look For Standardized Cinnamon Bark Extracts Delivering Beneficial Levels Of Its Key Protective Compounds. Our Unique And Concentrated Blend Of Three Different Standardized Cinnamon Bark Extracts Ensures The Most Complete And Broadest Spectrum Protection Of This Remarkable Natural Ingredient.

Healthy Glucose Metabolism Support - Provides A Unique Concentrated Blend Of Three Different Standardized Cinnamon Bark Extracts. Guarantees The Most Complete And Broadest Spectrum Protection Of Cinnamon. Helps Support Healthy Balance Of Blood Sugar And Glucose Metabolism. Offers A Complete Standardized Blend Of Type A Polymers.
100% Pure Bioactive Ingredients: Provides Three Different Standardized Extracts Of Cinnamon Bark And Vitamin C. Does Not Contain Milk, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Yeast, Wheat, Sodium, Salt, Sugar, Fat, Cholesterol, Color, Preservatives, Common Allergens Or Manufacturing Additives.
Unsurpassed Purity, Quality And Efficacy. It Does Not Upset Your Stomach. For More Than 40 Years, Procaps Products Do Not Contain Additives Of Any Kind. No Binders, Fillers, Lubricants, Stabilizers, Flow Agents, Preservatives, Or Artificial Colors. Easy-To-Swallow Capsules (No Tablets) Offer Only The Finest Bioactive Vitamins, Minerals And Ingredients In An Ultra-Fine Microgranulated Powder For Rapid And Complete Absorption And Maximum Efficacy. The Non-Acidic Formula Is Gentle Even On Most Sensitive Stomachs.
Direct Manufacturer And Made In The Usa. Procaps Formulates, Manufactures And Packages All Of Its Products In Procaps' Own Laboratory And Manufacturing Plant In Nevada, Usa. Unlike Other Nutritional Supplement Brands That Contract Manufacturers Use, Procaps Controls All Aspects Of Their Products, From Formulation Design To Ingredient Sourcing, Production Techniques And Quality Control, Making Procaps Supplements The Natural Supplements. Purest, Safest And Most Effective Available.
Ethical And Respectful With The Environment. Zero Carbon Footprint - Exclusively Committed To Your Health And The Health Of The Planet, Procaps Facilities Are 100% Solar Powered With A Zero Carbon Footprint And Leed Gold Green Construction Status. All Procaps Bottles Are Made From 100% Recyclable Resin. Additionally, Andrew Lessman And Procaps Are The Largest Prenatal Vitamin Donor In The World (Over 1 Billion Capsules Donated To Date). Procaps, The Informed Choice For Nutritional Supplements.

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