Blend Of Natural Extract Beard Oil 118ml

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Just Like Our Skin And Hair, Men Need To Take Care Of Their Beards Too. Whether You Have A Short, Medium Or Long Beard, Use Pura Dor Beard Oil To Provide The Protection, Care And Grooming Your Beard Needs. Formulated With A 100% Pure Blend Of Natural Botanical Oils And Extracts To Soften, Moisturize And Protect Your Beard And The Skin Underneath. Our Beard Oil Has A Lightweight Formula That Adds Natural Shine To Your Beard Without Leaving It Greasy Or Feeling Heavy. Our Beard Smoothing Oil Soothes Any Skin That Suffers From Itching And Irritation While Keeping The Beard Looking Smoother And Healthier. Pura Dor Products Are Free From Harsh Ingredients And Crueltyfree. Our Products Are Manufactured In A Facility In Southern California Where We Use A Renewable Energy Source.

About This Item
No More Itching And Itchingbeard Itch Is Usually Caused By Irritation Or Dryness On The Skin. Our Beard Oil Contains Vitamin E To Help Reduce Beard Itch, While Keeping Beards Moisturized All Day Long.
Stop The Beard Beard Rush Occurs When The Beard Is Not Sufficiently Wet. Pura Dor Beard Oil Fights Beard Dandruff. No More Funny Business. You Look Like A Million Dollars
Turns Some Heads This Beard Oil Penetrates Directly Into The Hair Follicles Allowing Better Beard Hair Growth From The Roots. Encourages A Soft, Healthylooking Beard Of Any Length.
Reclaim Your Confidence Clogged Hair Follicles Cause Acne On The Skin Under The Beard. Beard Oil Unclogs Pores And Removes Dead Cells To Clean Up Acne And Ingrown Hairs So You Can Get Your Hairstyle And Confidence Back.

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