Berberine 1200 mg Dietary Supplement -120 Capsules

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Metabolism Refers To The Critical Biochemical Processes Of Combining Nutrients With Oxygen To Release The Energy Our Bodies Need To Function. A Healthy Metabolic Rate Is Essential To Maintaining Vital Body Functions Such As Heart Rate, Brain Function, Immune System Health And Blood Sugar Balance.

Berberine Is A Bioactive Botanical Compound That Weve Extracted From A Variety Of Natural Plant Sources, With A Long History Of Use In The Traditional Chinese System Of Herbal Health And Wellness. Dr. Martin?S Berberine Extract Works At A Molecular Level, Activating Key Enzymes That Play A Major Role In Regulating Metabolism And Diverse Body Functions.

Become A Master Of Your Metabolism With This Powerful Selfhelp Supplement From Dr. Martin?S.

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Unbeatable Value
When You Choose Dr. Martin?S , You Get More. Its Really That Simple. In The Course Of Our Research & Development, We Noticed An Alarming Trend Most Nutritional Supplements Entering The Market Were Overcharging For A Lesser Quality Product Or A Reduced Quantity In Each Bottle.

We Realized Through Our Supply Chain That We Could Offer Better Quality Ingredients At A Better Capsules Ratio. We Meet The Reallife Needs Of Families, Students, Athletes And All Of Our Budgetconscious Customers.

Glucose Metabolism
Berberine Is A Powerful Bioactive Supplement Whose Presence Naturally Helps To Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels And Counters Overactive Sugar Production By The Liver. It Aids In The Process Of Glycolysis Helping The Body Break Down Sugars Inside Cells. Berberine Helps To Facilitate Glucose Metabolism By Slowing Carbohydrate Breakdown And Increasing The Number Of Beneficial Bacteria In The Gut.

Improves Cardiovascular Health
Berberine Has Been Shown To Diminish The Impact Of Unhealthy Fats And Cholesterol, While Helping To Facilitate A Clearer Cardiovascular Environment For Blood To Continue Flowing Normally. Berberine Has Been Shown To Display Powerful Antioxidant And Antiinflammatory Effects.

Comprehensive Immune System Support
Berberine Contains Natural Phbalancing Qualities And Acts As An Alkaline Equalizer To Optimize Your Bodys Natural Equilibrium And Provide Immunoenhancing Support To A Compromised System. This Helps To Create A Healthier Gut Microbiome And Facilitates Properly Regulated Digestion.

Better Health For A Better You
From All Natural Wildcaught Marine Supplements To Organic Herbal Health Remedies, Were Dedicated To Finding Real Solutions That Work For Your Life. Answer The Call To Better Health & Wellness By Giving Your Body More Of What It Needs To Thrive. Activate Your Fullest Potential And Live Life Better With Dr. Martin?S.

Glucose Metabolism, Cholesterol, Immune, Cardiovascular Health

Berberine Hcl (From Berberis Aristata) 1200Mg, Vegetable Cellulose (Capsule), Rice Flour And Vegetable (Magnesium) Stearate.

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