Beard Growth Oil 60ml

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Offers beard softener oil will make your beard less coarse and abrasive
Comb out tangles, massage scalps and promote hair growth
Features bristles cut at different lengths so that it can get deep inside your beard
Soften your Scruff with Rugged Roots Beard Oil Our Premium Beard Oil is the best for taming your scruff while maintaining your rugged side.- Do you love your beard but hate the itch ? - Do you want to enjoy a healthy and soft beard? - Do you want a kissable beard? Nourish your beard while enhancing your sex appealRugged Roots Orange Cedarwood Beard Oil is made with all natural ingredients such as argan oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and sunflower oil. When mixed together, they produce phenomenal results because they are full of nutrients that make for a healthy, shiny, smooth smelling beard. The Orange Cedarwood scent is subtle but sexy making this the ultimate beard grooming must. Protect your beard by being proactive.- Made only with all natural oils that are proven to be beneficial for skin and hair. - Absorbs easily and never leaves a greasy residue - Strengthens and nourishes all the way down to the root The manufacturer, Everyday Rising, offers a satisfaction guarantee. Nourishes dry and rough facial hair and prevents dandruff, also known as beard dandruff and split ends.
Premium Natural Oils: Argan (to hydrate), Jojoba (to relieve itching), Grapeseed (prevents clogged pores and ingrown hair).
Four amazing scents: Orange Cedar Wood, Bay Rum, Citrus Musk, and Incognito (Unscented).
Our oil has no fillers, additives, parabens, or GMOs. Unique and appropriate gift for Father's Day.
Sturdy Beard Oil also works as an amazing aftershave that helps with ingrown hair and razor burn. Your beard or it will lose its robustness, but be prepared for them to want to kiss it.

Soften Beard, Nourish dry and scratchy facial hair and prevent dandruff, aka beard-druff and split ends

Grape Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils, Vitamin E, Rosemary Leaf Extract

Place a few drops on your finger tips. Work into the skinunder your beard, then out to the ends of the hair. Apply as an aftershave for great results as well.

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