Beard Growth Hair Oil 30ml

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Blend of la barba beard and hair growth oil promotes beard and moustache hair growth, works on both hair roots and shaft, to re-balance hair's natural cycle for hair growth
It nourishes and moisturizes beard, reduces beard itch and makes your beard soft and shiny, smooth, moisturize, make those beautiful beards and moustache soft, manageable and frizz free, while also conditioning the skin underneath and getting rid of itchiness
Cooling effect of menthol reduces beard itch, jojoba, sunflower and argan oil nourishes our hair and follicles and maximizes the rate at which our hair grows
Specially formulated beard oil for beard growth
A blend of Vitamin E, sunflower oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, grapefruit oil and menthol, makes your beard smooth, shiny, healthy and smells like heaven, girls would go crazy to touch and smell your awesome beard

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