Airo Dry 1999 1999

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Enjoy washing clothes! Enjoy the monsoon the way you did as a child. With Air-O-Dry dryer bid goodbye to damp, creased clothes, bad odor and allergens like lint and germs. It will dry all your fabrics with care and there is no wear, no shrinkage, and no wrinkles. It is appropriate for any sort of fabric and ideal for fragile garments. It can even dry shoes, tops, caps, gloves etc. The air-o-dry dryer is the speedy and simple approach to conveniently dry the majority of your garments. Simply hang your garments in the dryer, close it, switch it on and let them dry. It comes prepared with holders and pegs. Air-O-Dry gives you a chance to quick dry without twist drying harm. It is a remarkable space sparing configuration that can be collapsed up to fit easily.

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