Aged Garlic Extract Prosta Logic Healthy Prostate 60 Capsules

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Product Description
Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Prostalogic Healthy Prostate Description Supports Healthy Prostate Function. Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract Begins With 100% Organically Grown Garlic Bulbs. They Are Then Age To Perfection In A Unique Extraction Process To Eliminate Odor And Create Beneficial Compounds Found Only In Kyolic. Designed By James Balch M.D. A Board Certified Urologist This Proprietary Blend Contains Aged Garlic Extract Which Research Shows Is Good For Prostate Health By Reducing Psa Levels.

7.5Mg Zinc Lowers Your Risk Of Developing Prostate Infections And Worse Prostate Diseases
160Mg Saw Palmetto Extract Relieves Symptoms Of Enlarged Prostate Such As Dribbling And Feeling That Burning Sensation As If The Bladder Was Not Completely Emptied
100Mg Aged Garlic Extract Promotes Excellent Prostate Health By Reducing Prostate Specific Antigen Levels
50Mg Pumpkin Seed Oil Extract Rich In Betasitosterols That Improve Urine Flow And Fight Urine Retention
50Mg Pygeum Africanum Helps Reduce Prostate Inflammation Decreasing Prostate Size
2.5Mg Lycopene Used To Lower Prostate Issues

Zinc (As Zinc Picolinate) 7.5Mg 50%, Saw Palmetto Berry Extract (Fruit) 160Mg, Aged Garlic Extracttm Powder (Bulb)100Mg, Pumpkin Seed Extract (Seed)50Mg, Pygeum Africanum Extract (Bark)50Mg, Lycopene (As Tomato Oleoresin) (Fruit) 2.5Mg, Wheat Germ Oil, Beeswax And Soft Gelatin Capsule.

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