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Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is included in a large variety of tall tropical flowers with scented flowers that can be grown as an ornamental garden plant or in a pot on the porch. The root, or "rhizome," has been used to support health benefits * for centuries in every country where it grows, including India, China, Mexico, and the Caribbean. One of the common uses of ginger is for the relief of occasional nausea.

The part of the plant used is the rhizome, or underground stem, which has the characteristic spicy aroma of ginger. The dried rhizome of ginger contains approximately 1-4% volatile oils. These are the active components of ginger and are also responsible for the characteristic smell and taste of ginger.

The aromatic components include zingiberene and bisabolene, while the penetrating constituents are known as ginger and shogaols. Turmeric is another commonly used rhizome. In the ancient healing art of Chinese medicine, ginger is considered a "warming herb", which would be useful for conditions that are considered "wet."

Non-GMO, certified Kosher, and gluten-free, ginger is considered to have many benefits *, and has been used as ginger water, as well as in herbal extracts, tea, and capsules, and can also be used as a topical applicator. Ginger root is ideal for the relief of joint pain, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory as well as beneficial for digestion.

Nature's Answer Ginger Extract is manufactured and bottled in the USA. We do this to ensure that our consumers receive the most premium and safest product on the market.

Herbal extracts
Holistically BalancedBio-ChelatedLow Certified Organic Alcoholnon GMO Certified, Kosher and Gluten Free Advanced Botanical Footprint

Exclusive extraction process = Super Concentrated Herbs
The Bio-Chelation process is a patented cold extraction technique developed by Mr. Frank D'Amelio Sr., founder and owner of Nature's Answer. Bio-chelation includes the use of cold extraction, where raw plant parts are extracted without being exposed to heat. Cold extraction helps the herb maintain vital minerals and other trace elements in solution, allowing the herb to retain as many natural active components from the original plant as possible.

Alcohol-free extracts, no glycerylites
Nature's Answer was the first to bring alcohol-free herbal extracts to the natural products market in 1972. Our alcohol-free liquid extracts are manufactured using our unique Bio-Chelation cold process method to remove alcohol from the finished product. Typical non-alcoholic extracts are actually glycerols, using glycerin as the extracting agent. Nature's Answer adds vegetable glycerin at the end of the process to ensure shelf stability.

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