Advanced Botanical Fingerprint Black Walnut Juglans Nigra 2000 Mg

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Nature's Answer Black Walnut Hulls Green - With one of the most comprehensive herbaria in the world, Nature's Answer has identified Mother Nature's unique botanical fingerprint in more than 800 plant reference standards. Using advanced botanical fingerprint technology, you are authentic.

One of the key active components of black walnut hulls is the juggling. Juglone exerts its effect by inhibiting certain enzymes necessary for metabolic function. It is highly toxic to many herbivorous insects, is often used by organic gardeners as a natural pesticide, and researchers have observed that black walnut can expel parasitic worms from the body.

According to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, black walnut shells can help the body defend itself. The green black walnut hull gets its name from the fact that the black walnuts are harvested from the tree while they are still green.

Black Walnut Tree Green Tincture is an extra strong formula and far exceeds the potency of many other black walnut tinctures available. This is due to facts: First of all, our tincture is made from the highly potent green husks of the black walnut tree. This is important because the green hull contains up to 10 times the amount of Juglone, an essential ingredient in the tincture (lab tests on file).

Second, it is extra strong, which means that our tincture contains twice the amount of black walnut husk contained in regular strength tinctures. Our hull to alcohol ratio is 1: 0.68 - that's 1 part hull to 0.68 part 40% grain alcohol (the alcohol level in the final tincture is less).

Alcohol-free black walnut shells
Promotes general health and well-being.

Made from 2,000 mg of black walnut hull per serving.

Exclusive bio-chelation extraction process = super concentrated herbs
The Bio-Chelation process is a proprietary cold extraction technique developed by Mr. Frank D'Amelio Sr., founder and owner of Nature's Answer. Bio-chelation includes the use of cold extraction, where raw plant parts are extracted without being exposed to heat. Cold extraction helps the herb keep vital minerals and other trace elements in solution, allowing the herb to retain as much of the natural active ingredients from the original plant as possible.

Alcohol-free extracts, no glycerylites
Nature's Answer brought alcohol-free herbal extracts to the natural products market in 1972. Our alcohol-free liquid extracts are manufactured using our unique Bio-Chelation cold process method to remove alcohol from the finished product. Typical non-alcoholic extracts are actually glycerites, using glycerin as the extracting agent. Nature's Resswer adds vegetable glycerin at the end of the process, to ensure shelf stability.

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