Activated B-Complex Dietary Supplement - 60 Capsules

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Equi.Life, formerly known as Equilibrium, is a health and wellness community that seeks to promote lasting practices to help the body achieve optimal functionality. Dr. Cabral's holistic approach to living well combines the age-old applications of Ayurvedic medicine with modern-day scientific advancements. He does not compromise on quality, and only delivers the best in sourcing and manufacturing. Our consumers also have the option to speak with Integrative Health Practitioners online to go over individual health plans that suit their needs. The goal of Equi.Life is to encourage a greater understanding of the body's functions, and the effect that certain practices and diets can have on the body. We also strive to help our consumers create balance within the mind and body, and add structure to their lives through healthy eating, exercise, and regular intake of vitamins and supplements.

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