Acetyl L-Carnitine - 60 Capsules

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Brain And Nerve Support Acetyllcarnitine Plays A Key Role In Maintaining Normal Brain And Nerve Function During The Normal Aging Process.
Healthy Aging In Support Of Healthy Aging, Acetyllcarnitine Facilitates Acetylcholine Synthesis, Membrane Stability, And Nerve Growth Factor Production.
Vitamins / Minerals / Amino Acids Dietary Supplement Formulated To Provide Beneficial Support In Filling Important Nutrient Gaps.
Our Uncompromising Operational Practices At Our Stateoftheart Manufacturing Facilities Ensure That Our Products Are Consistently Produced In Accordance With Standard Manufacturing Regulations. All Of Our Products Are Gmo Free.
For 65 Years, Douglas Laboratories Has Been Dedicated To Meeting The Needs Of Healthcare Professionals. As A Globally Recognized Leader In The Development Of Innovative Sciencebased Nutritional Supplements, We Strive To Help Healthcare Professionals And Their Patients Unleash Their Potential To Live Healthier, Today And In The Future.

Acetyllcarnitine Capsules, Provided By Douglas Laboratories, Contain 500 Mg Of Pure Acetyllcarnitine.

For 60 Years, Douglas Laboratories Has Been Dedicated To Ensuring That The Products We Deliver Are Of The Highest Quality Available.

Douglas Laboratories Manufactures Nutritional Supplements For Longterm Health And Active Lifestyles.

Over The Past 60 Years, Douglas Laboratories Has Become A Globally Recognized Leader In The Development Of Sciencebased Nutritional Supplements.

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