Ab Rocket Twister

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Shape your abs by having a great workout with Ab rocket twister as seen on TV. Ab rocket twister Kuwait comes with the resistance of three levels, by which you can do the workout as per your need by adjusting the level of resistance. With the new technology of cylinder launch, this exercising machine can shape upper abs, lower abs and sides simultaneously. The new innovative design of the seat lets you turn and twist your lower body to make your workout great. While you do your workout, the cushions massage and supports you, so you don’t get back and neck pain.

Ab Rocket Twister Kuwait

For abdominal exercise, Ab rocket twister is a best to have machine. This machine includes padded massage rollers which are designed to work lower abs, obliques and upper abs. With this Ab rocket twister now available at the lowest price in telemall, you can get abs you always wished for and say bye to your fat tummy.
In the comfort of your home, you can build your abdominal muscles by working out with Ab rocket twister Kuwait. Without going to the gym and paying a lot of fees, get defined and toned ab with this machine. In addition to twisting the Ab rocket twister Kuwait utilizes a side-to-side and up and down motion to minimize the pressure on your neck and back while toning and firming your abdominal muscles, arms, shoulders, chest, and thighs. For strengthening your core muscles it provides you a complete cardio workout.


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The Ab rocket twister Kuwait lets you work out your abs muscles and is a better way to do situps and crunches which gives you the best result. Lower Abs, Upper Abs, and obliques all will be working out in one simple movement. There are 3 ranges of resistance to add more calorie burn according to your fitness level. Foldable and easy to assemble for storing it easily after a workout, this Ab rocket twister Kuwait you need to build your abs!


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