100% Natural Magnesium Spray 237ml

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Banner Chronic Pain Is The Leading Cause Of Long-Term Disability In The Us.Headache, Body Pains, Cramps, And Sore Muscles Can Easily Ruin Your Day - Forcing You To Miss Out On Family Time, Work, School, Or Exercise.

Taking Over-The-Counter Prescription Medicine Can Help, But These Usually Contain Artificial Chemicals That Can Irritate Your Stomach Or Deliver Unwanted Side Effects, Such As Nausea Or Vomiting.

The Magnesium Oil Spray For Sensitive Skin By Aromasong Naturally Takes Away Pain In With Only A Couple Of Sprays.

Image Of An Athlete Spraying The Oil On His Legs After Exercising
Concentrated Power Of Magnesium
Are You Always Dealing With Muscle Twitches And Cramps? Studies Show That Low Levels Of Magnesium In The Body Can Cause These Uncomfortable Symptoms.

Just Spray On Our Magnesium Oil, Which Will Provide Fast Relief From Stress, Restless Leg Syndrome, Joint Pains, Leg Cramps, Spasms, And Sore Muscles.

Bring This Magnesium Spray With You At Work, On Long Trips, Or In The Gym To Enjoy Quick Pain Relief Whenever You Need It.

Image Of A Man Spraying The Oil On His Temples Before Going To Sleep
Enjoy Restful Sleep At Night
Poor Sleep Is A Serious Health Problem Experienced By Millions Of People All Over The World.

Our Magnesium Oil Spray Can Help You Experience Better Slumber By Relaxing Your Mind And Body.

This Allows You To Fall Asleep Faster And Wake Up The Next Day Feeling Fully Refreshed.

Unlike Over-The-Counter Sleep Aids, Our Spray Won?T Make You Feel Drowsy, Dizzy, Tired, Or Lethargic In The Morning As You Wake Up.

Image Of An Elderly Woman Spraying The Magnesium Oil On Her Arms
Usage Instructions
For Leg Cramps, Hip Pains, Or Restless Legs Syndrome

Apply 4-6 Sprays Onto The Affected Area And Massage In Leave The Magnesium Oil On For 20 Minutes, No Rinsing Is Necessary Unless Your Skin Feels Uncomfortable Due To Any Natural Salt Residue.

For A Good Night Sleep

Apply 4-6 Sprays Of Magnesium Oil Directly To Shoulders Or Abdomen And Massage In & Let Air Dry For About 20-30 Minutes, Then Rinse It Off.

The Magnesium Supplement Is Best Absorbed After A Hot Shower Or Bath.

What To Expect

While The Magnesium Oil Most Times Reliefs The Aches And Pains Immediately The Key Is To Have Patience As It May Take Some Time Before You See The Full Result. For Some People It Could Take Some Time To See Any Changes. As Some People Lack Magnesium More Than Others.

We Recommend Customers To Use The Oil Every Day For At Least 3 To 4 Weeks To Give The Magnesium Oil A Sufficient Amount Of Time To Take Full Effect.

Aromasong?S Magnesium Oil Spray Offers Quality, Convenience, And Potency:
Image Of Middle-Aged Woman Applying The Oil On Her Legs

Woman Spraying On The Magnesium Oil Onto Her Wrist

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Softer, Smoother Skin
Research Has Found That Low Levels Of Magnesium Can Cause Dry And Patchy-Looking Skin.

Our Magnesium Oil Spray Can Improve The Overall Condition And Appearance Of Your Skin By Protecting Against Free Radicals That Cause Premature Aging And Skin Cell Damage.

Magnesium Restores Skin Moisture And Elasticity, Making It An Effective Weapon Against The Formation Of Unsightly Wrinkles And Fine Lines.

Easy Topical Application
Our Magnesium Oil Spray Removes The Need To Ingest Large, Hard-To-Swallow Magnesium Pills--And The Unpleasant Effects It Can Have On Our Stomach.

Just Spray Liberally On Sore Parts Of Your Body, Such As Your Wrists, Behind The Knees, Legs, Hips, Or The Back Of The Neck.

Make Sure To Avoid Sensitive Areas And Mucus Membranes. This Magnesium Spray Is Best Used After A Hot Shower Or Bath. Simply Rinse Or Wipe Off Any Residue.

This Magnesium Spray Does Not Contain Any Artificial Chemicals, Dyes, Or Fragrances That Can Damage Your Skin.

Note That You Might Feel A Tingling Sensation On Your Skin Upon Initial Use. A Slight Salt-Like Mineral Residue Might Also Be Present On Your Skin After The Solution Dries, But You Can Easily Rinse Or Wipe This Off.

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