Telemall Corporation is the largest telemarketing DRTV organization in Pakistan having its franchisees in over 30 Cities of Pakistan and outlets in various countries including U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qattar, etc.

It was the superior management and the edge of technical knowledge and the right products at the right time made Telemall Corporation successful, and technical knowledge however helped them to make the required changes according to the customers need. Today, Telemall Corporation is considered a pioneer and largest DRTV organization in Pakistan.

Building on our vision, Telemall Corporation has always strived to create brand new ideas, innovation and practicability. It has successfully achieved its aim of providing the comfort of Home Shopping to the consumers in Pakistan by way of media and television plugging. In addition to top quality satisfaction, we are also devoted to enhancing our expertise to meet the different requirement of our customers.

Telemall Corporation creates awareness of its products by telecasting Infomercials explaining products, features and uses. Unlike other telemarketing companies our shows do not aim at direct selling nor do we promote several products simultaneously. We manifest specific merchandise to our customer in an educational but amusing way. It would not be improper to state that dexterous presentation and supreme quality of our shows has helped us to gain a competitive edge in the market

Telemall Corporation is a private limited company registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984 with Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. Telemall Corporation with specialization in advanced technology, excellent services and good reputation in the market, is dedicated to offer high quality products to its customers. At Telemall Corporation, every business segment is refashioned with intend to dominate the generic market of the future. The company would like to retain its image even as it ventures the other markets. Presently, Telemall Corporation is importing different types of products relating to health care/fitness of its clients.

Our management philosophy is based on our mission; to serve the society with fervor and act as a model for its uplift and to contribute in the development and promotion of health related technology in the country. Telemall Corporation has been the market leader in areas of its activity, its primary role has been to provide solutions to its customers keeping the required international standards in focus. Our management philosophy represents our strong determination to contribute in the development of society and prosperity of people, whose talent and creativity are dedicated to doing their best at all times.

We believe that by continuing review and rely on the basic principles of quality, customer care and giving value, we anticipate greater success in the business endeavors.



We at Telmall believe in:

Service without customers we would not exist. Therefore we treat the customer as an equal partner and give them the best service possible.


We want to give our best. We believe in adhering to the highest ethical, professional and business standards.  Quality to fulfill our customers' needs is the company's main goal. Therefore we provide products and services at the best possible level to satisfy the very demand for quality, delivery, price and services.

Consistency with Commitments

We are always consistent with commitments towards our valued customers and our respected principals. The success and continued prosperity of our company will be assured only if we offer superior products and lasting value supported by useful services both before and after the sale.

Value of Human Resource

We value our employees because they are dedicated and motivated. They make it possible for us to reach to the goal; capitalize on the customer's satisfaction and grow business. They are the vital strength of the company which is an asset to support the company's operations and growth.


In Telemall Corporation Marketing is ultimately geared towards achieving successful growth both in existing customers and in developing new relation ship. As we have grown so we have adapted our marketing approach to properly reflect not only just our growing capabilities but in recognition of the changing needs of our customer.



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