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Do you suffer from the effects of tension and stress?
Do everyday aches and pains leave you feeling tired and sore?
Do you long for the total relaxation of a luxury spa but can’t afford the price tag that comes with it?

Now, thanks to a technological breakthrough the answer is finally here…a new way of relief… a new way of relaxation…

Introducing the Re Vibe - The world’s first Hot and Cold, fully rechargeable and completely cordless oscillating body massager.

First it delivers a deep soothing heat that works like a hot stone massage, radiating and penetrating through your skin bringing welcomed relief deep into your sore and aching muscles.

Flick the switch and in a matter of seconds, the Re-Vibe transforms itself into an invigorating ice massager. Icy artic cool penetrates deep into your muscles, reducing swelling and inflammation, giving instant relief to your strained and over worked Body.

The Re-Vibe’s ergonomic, and easy to reach anywhere design also has side angled reflexology pads to provide you with a more intense deep down massage. No awkward wires or tangled cables, you can use it absolutely anywhere.

Whether you’re an over worked, over stressed husband, a busy housewife with heavy shopping bags and ever growing children or a senior citizen plagued by everyday aches and pains, or a professional athlete looking to enhance your performance, then don’t wait a minute longer. Experience for yourself the benefits that only a Re-Vibe Hot and Cold – Dual Therapy Massager can provide.

So, when you suffer from Stress, Tension, Muscle Strain, Back Ache, or just Everyday Aches and Pains, then don’t spend hundreds of dollars for painful bulky equipment or expensive and possibly inexperienced masseuses that could do more harm than good. You need the Re-Vibe, the power to relax in the palm of your hand!

Much like the traditional massages you would receive in a spa, the Re-Vibe works like the hands of a masseuse gently soothing your tired and aching muscles without a price tag that will stress out your wallet. It has two speed settings that can be easily adjusted from a pleasing light gentle massage to a therapeutic, deep penetrating muscle massage.

But what makes the Re-Vibe truly unique, is its ability to transform itself from an arctic cool massager that works just like an ice pack, giving you instant relief from muscle aches and pains… into a soothing hot therapy massager that works much like a hot stone massage delivering deep radiant heat to those sore and overworked muscles.

Through the centuries, various techniques have been developed to stimulate and rejuvenate both the body & the soul. One of these therapies is a Traditional Hot Stone Massage that requires a specially trained masseuse to apply hot river stones, pre-heated for up to 3 hours prior to use and carefully monitored to avoid over heating the stones.

However, the Re-Vibe incorporates all the benefits of a Traditional Hot Stone Massage in just a matter of seconds, without the use of an expensive trained masseuse and costly specialized equipment. Providing you with an optimum therapist prescribed temperature for a truly relaxing and penetrating deep heat Hot Stone Massage, like nothing you have ever experienced before.

On the other hand, if you wanted to change this Hot Stone Massage into a cooling Ice Massage, you would have to replace the hot stones with another set of cold river stones, taking hours to pre-chill, once again being careful not to over freeze the stones.

But with the simple flick of a switch and in a matter of seconds the Re-Vibe transforms itself into an invigorating Ice Massager that works by delivering a therapist prescribed artic cool temperature. Leaving you wonderfully refreshed and completely revitalized.

Conventional massage takes a minimum of 2 people but what happens if you are alone and in need of some soothing massage therapy? Forget the torture, forget the frozen peas! The answer is the Re-Vibe for all your different massage therapies…Hot Stone, Ice, Swedish, Shiatsu, or reflexology, whatever your need, whatever your pleasure, and wherever you go. You choose the setting and the pressure you prefer, making your massage as individual as you are! The Re-Vibe… the power to relax in the palm of your hand!

Re-Vibe hot & cold cordless massager includes:

A quick charge power adaptor, so you can use your Cordless Re-Vibe anytime, any place, or anywhere, relieving your aches and pains while you travel.
An Instructional Manual
Re-Vibe Professional Massage guide, teaching you the ancient art of Hot Stone, Ice, Shiatsu, Swedish, and Reflexology massage, all yours completely free.
Experience what millions around the world are now calling the Massage Miracle. Don’t suffer in silence; get the right vibes with the Re-Vibe, the power to relax in the palm of your hand

Package Contents:
1 x Revibe Massager
1 x Charge Power Adapter
1 x Instructional Manual

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Color: Grey
Material: Plastic

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Hot & Cool Massager - Grey

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