Power Hair Grow Comb
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The Power Grow Comb is a breakthrough laser hair loss treatment that promotes the appearance of new hair growth. Using lasers and infrared LED lights, the Power Grow Comb helps stimulate hair follicle cells and improve scalp circulation. In addition, vibration technology helps stimulate blood flow on the scalp and in turn produce fuller, healthier hair growth. The comb itself has teeth that are positioned perfectly to create separation and allow laser LED to reach the scalps surface and effect the hair follicles directly. 7 Red 660 nano-meter energy diodes 7 Blue 470 nano-meter energy diodes High precision laser beam window Scalp stimulating vibrating action
Set includes: Power Grow Comb, Massage Comb, Stimulating Hair Brush
DIRECTIONS Use the Power Grow Comb without applying gels or lotions to the hair first. Ideally use on dry hair. Use for 10-15 minutes every other day, Visible results take between 8-12 weeks to appear. Move the laser comb slowly around the head in the same direction of hair growth from front to back and top to bottom.

Package Contents:
  • Power Grow Comb
  • Massage Comb
  • Stimulating Hair Brush

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Color: Black
Material: Plastic

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Power Hair Grow Comb

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