Aqualis Water Filter Jug - Blue & White AQUALIS

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Water Filtration System

Just fill with ordinary tap water and presto! You get clean, clear and better tasting drinking water.
Also use it for cooking and for preparing your favorite hot and cold beverages for improved taste,
look and aroma. Your coffee or tea has never tasted this great!

Fill and serve!??

Attractive design with an ergonomic, a line has been specially designed to be plug in door refrigerator. for obtaining water filter, clean, shiny and no rear-Luxury, simply fill with the carafe Water Jug, rather the Starlyf provides you for your drinking water consumption for incomparable quotidienne. Ideal Cooking or Food Preparation preferences your drinks hot or cold, but their ameliore considerable Luxury, their look and their aroma. meals, Herbal infusions, cafe, the... become more Tasty have ever felt before. all its components may be in a dishwasher, Lava Lid with electronic determiner to indicator when the filter must be replace.

Contents: 1 bottle of water 1 Compartment Filter, 1 lid with digital Counter Colour: Translucent Blue and White 1 Filter Cartridge (life: 30 days in - 1 Mode of use: 1 cartridge included

Package Contents:
1 x bottle of water
1 x Compartment Filter
1 x lid with digital Counter
1 x Filter Cartridge (life: 30 days in - 1 Mode of use)

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Color: Blue
Material: Plastic

Product Warranty:

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