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Contour Pillow - Revolutionary Space-Aged Visco-Elastic Memory Foam

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Includes free washable zippered soft terry cloth pillow cover. Contour to your neck & head for total support & comfort. Experience the most restful night's sleep of your life. Revolutionary space-aged visco-elastic memory foam. Molds itself to head & neck to provide maximum comfort & support. Includes free washable zippered soft terry cloth pillow cover. memory foam contours to your body`s weight and heat for perfect support for your head and neck. Reverts back to its original shape in seconds. Proper sleeping posture contour pillow provides proper support to correct sleeping posture, allowing the back and muscles to relax hitch promotes the healthful dehydration of the intervertebral discs of the spine.

Product Features:

  • Relieves Back. Neck and Shoulder Pain.
  • Perfect for All Sleeping Positions, Back, Side and Stomach.
  • Helps To Stop Snoring. Eliminates Painful Pressure Points.
  • Helpful Aid for Insomnia Sufferers.
  • High-Tech Temperature Sensitive Foam Molds to Your Body's Heat & Weight to Provide the Right Amount of Support to Allow You to Get the Rest You Need.
  • Ergonomically Designed to Re-Contour and Adjust with Your Every Movement.
  • Blessed Relief for Back and Neck Pain Sufferers.
  • Also Helpful in Reducing Snoring, Stress and Insomnia.
  • Size: 48cm x 30cm x 10cm

Package Contents:
1 x Comfortable Pillow

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Color: White
Material: Foam

Product Warranty:

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